The Infinite Inward tracklisting

Tracklisting for radio show #35 (aired 8.1.21)

Archived HERE

Pink Twins – Blade of Gold (excerpt)

Deuter – Chomolungma

Matthewdavid – Vvoxcave

Ahnnu – Informant

Caterina Barbieri – Vibrational Prison

J Koho – Harpolek

Tony Scott – Shiva, The Third Eye

University Challenged – On the banks of the river Swale

J.K – B2 (from 1010 Days and Nights)

Jarguna – Uzbazur

Open Spaces – Closing Space

Tony Scott – Hatha, Sun and Moon

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – The spine is quiet in the center

Dang Olsen Dream Tape – Ganji Yomes leaving home

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