On the hob


Other things cooking in the ampism kitchen:

Am really excited (and honoured!) to be working on some sounds for the next Kemialleset Ystavat LP. Jan has sent “skeletons” to various freaks around the world – we attach some aural flesh and then Jankenstein brings them to life! Am totally enjoying the process…


Speaking of collabs, am working on something with Vluba and the mighty Uton (Argentina and Finland respectively)..expect heavy,cosmic throb.


Also, just putting finishing touches to a split cassette with Uton. 15 mins each. The release will come with a double-sided colour A5 print, visual art from both of us.


Also stoked that there will be a third f.ampism release on Chocolate Monk early next year.


In my head, I am starting to plan a small tour for Spring 2017. Thinking of playing shows in Copenhagen, Stockholm and then Finland….maybe Antwerp on the way there or the way back. If you’re reading this and you think you might be able to help make that a reality, be in touch. Ta.





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